NViTA Science-Engaged Theology Conference 2022


The New Vision in Theological Anthropology (NViTA) project hosted a science-engaged theology conference in St Andrews in June 2022. This conference brought together all Summer Fellows in Science-Engaged Theology and expert speakers in aspects of research in science-engaged theology.  

The aim of this conference was to develop and encourage scholarly work in science-engaged theology while providing a space for scholars to meet others working in the field and learn from one another’s teaching and research projects. 


Sunday 5th June 2022 to Saturday 11th June 2022 


St Andrews, Scotland, UK 

Conference speakers:

Dr Emily Burdett, University of Nottingham

Professor Jesse Couenhoven, Villanova University

Professor Oliver Crisp, University of St Andrews

Professor Agustín Fuentes, Princeton University

Professor David Lahti, CUNY Queens College

Professor Neil Messer, University of Winchester

Members of the NViTA project team

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