Fellows (2020 Cohort)

We are delighted to share details of our first class of Fellows (2020 cohort) taking part in the Fellowships in Science-Engaged Theology.


Dr. Angela Carpenter
Hope College

Dr. Joshua Cockayne
University of St Andrews

Dr. Saša Horvat
University of Zagreb

Ms. Tanja Horvat
University of Zagreb

Dr. Christina Lamb
University of Alberta

Dr. Natalia Marandiuc
Southern Methodist University

Professor Myron A. Penner
Trinity Western University

Professor Stephen J. Pope
Boston College

Mr. Gideon Salter
University of St Andrews

Dr. Tasia Scrutton
University of Leeds

Dr. Jason S. Sexton
University of California

Dr. Tobias Tanton
University of Oxford

Dr. Martin Westerholm
University of Gothenburg